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Hybrid Waterproofing Adhesive Sealant


  • Meets ASTM C920, S, NS, class 50, NT, M, G, A, O use, ECOLOGO certification
  • Can be shaped
  • Used for doors and windows, roofing, cladding, building materials, control joint, expansion, sealing
  • Excellent adhesion on several types of coatings
  • Very good elongation and ease of application in cold weather
  • Solvent-free, isocyanate-free, phthalate-free
  • Excellent resistance to UV rays, weathering, mineral oils, acids and alkalis
  • Non-corrosive and low VOC
  • Outdoor use
  • Can be painted
  • Several formats available
  • For more information, refer to the SDS and TDS

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