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Why choose Norevco for boom lift rental

At Norevco, we are proud to offer our customers a superior quality aerial platform rental service to meet their height access needs. Whether you have a construction, maintenance or installation project, our extensive fleet of aerial platforms of varying heights gives you the flexibility to complete your job safely and efficiently. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and unmatched reliability, you can count on Norevco for your next elevated project.

Access heights safely with Norevco

We understand the crucial importance of having secure access to heights to carry out your work safely. With our diverse fleet of boom lifts, including 45ft, 65ft and 85ft models, we offer you the perfect solution for all your height needs.

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Whether for construction, industrial maintenance, or any other project requiring access at height, we have the ideal platform for you.

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Our platforms are equipped with the latest safety technologies to ensure the protection of your workers and compliance with the strictest safety standards.


With our modern and well-maintained fleet, you can count on the reliability of our platforms to meet your height needs, whatever the project.

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